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Our guarantee stands firm in insuring the satisfaction of our members and customers. We are dedicated to giving the exceptional quality service you have come to appreciate with us. Please take a moment to review our policies below especially as it pertains to shipping procedures directly from our manufacturers.

Questions can be directed to: [email protected]

LinenSupplier.com would like to help you resolve any purchase problems as quickly and easily as possible.

Receipt of an incorrect product: Contact us within Three (3) days of the receipt of said product. We will replace the item to the best of our ability. If replacement is not available, we will refund the full amount to you.

Defective Product: If a product is defective, we will replace the item to the best of our ability. If, after examination, it is determined that the item has been tampered with by the buyer, that item will be sent back and no refund will be given. This determination is at the sole discretion of LinenSupplier.com. If no replacement can be made after determining the item is defective, a full refund will be awarded.

Please note – We will not accept used products. Items that have been opened and unfolded or washed (or any item LinenSupplier.com deems to have been used after examination) are exempt from any stipulation stated here in our Policy Statement. Therefore, the products must be determined to be the color and texture you want before you take them out of the package.

Our manufacturers use a variety of methods to ship products directly to our customers including Federal Express, UPS, USPS, trucking lines and other delivery services. LinenSupplier.com is not responsible for late deliveries, or non-received goods due to failures of the trucking companies or traditional delivery service providers used by our manufacturers.

Please order your linens well in advance to limit any potential problems with delivery by the carriers. For example, sashes and chair covers are shipped in from China weekly, so please plan accordingly to limit problems with quick turn around time deliveries.

Please be advised that many things can transpire when shipping products in from overseas. Customs can hold items for inspection, planes can break down, products can be misplaced by the carriers, and products can be lost or stolen by the shipping companies. LinenSupplier.com is not responsible for these failures of delivery services.

Questions can be directed to: [email protected]

We respect and hold important the trust of our customers and will do everything possible to respect their rights to privacy. LinenSupplier.com may choose to have its visitors participate in an opt-in email marketing program which would be soley used for LinenSupplier.com’s purposes and would never be sold, traded, or made known to any outside source without prior consent of participant.

On rare occassions, data entry errors or other technical problems may result in inaccurate prices being shown. As we cannot account for the occasional human error and 100% data entry accuracy, LinenSupplier.com will not be required to honor the incorrectly listed price. If you see any price you believe to be incorrect, please contact [email protected] and we will verify it for you.

Prices listed in our online shopping cart reflect current prices which are subject to change without notification.

Questions can be directed to: [email protected]

Please contact us for any questions you may have.

All items shipping to Florida will incure 7% sales tax.

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